Prayer For Healing Past Pain and Broken Hearts……

Prayer For Healing Broken Hearts

Heavenly Father We Praise You and Glorify Your Holy Name This Morning. Father God We Recognize that you are King and Ruler over All. Lord We come Forth With Praise and Thanksgiving This morning because there is None like You. We Rise Up this Morning and we give you All the Praise and All The Honor. Lord We Thank You for Your Glory and Your Grace This Morning. Lord We Adore You and We Magnify Your Holy Name this Morning. Lord we Thank You for Healing Us, We Thank You For Delivering Us and We Thank You for Protecting and Shielding Us. Father We Acknowledge You and Praise You this Morning because You Are Jehovah Ralpha. Lord We come before you asking you to Heal Our Broken Hearts and Heal any Wounds caused by Rejection, Abuse, And Past Relationships. Lord We Surrender our Minds and our Hearts to You this Morning, Lord Renew our Minds and Purify Our Hearts. Lord We Release All Pain Caused by Others in Our lives Into Your Hands. Lord Don’t allow us to Go through life Holding Grudges or being Bitter against People who have Wronged Us. Lord We acknowledge You as Our Vindicator and We Choose today to not repay evil for evil. We Cry out to you Today Father and We ask You Lord to Remember Us and Hear Us When We Pray. Lord Help Us to walk in Forgiveness and Forgetfulness against Those who intentionally and unintentionally Hurt us. Lord Help Us to Forgive Ourselves For making wrong choices in Life. Lord Please Forgive Us for Not Consulting with You Before we Made certain Decisions and Forgive Us for becoming Lord Over Our Own Lives and Pushing You Out Of Certain Decisions We Made. Lord You said come Unto You all who are Heavy Laden and Burdened So We Come to You this Morning Father Asking You to Reset This Year For Us Lord, Heal Every Wound and Heal Our Thought Life. Lord Heal and Make Us Steadfast in Our Emotions. Lord Give us another chance to make it Right and Give us the Strength to keep Painful Doors Closed. Lord We Forgive those who have Rejected Us and Despitefully Used Us. Lord We Forgive those who have Wronged Us and We Set them Free from Our Yoke Of Unforgiveness This Morning. Lord Pour Your Love into Our Hearts This Morning. Create in Us a Clean Heart and Renew a Right Spirit Within Us. Lord in this Season Keep us Single Eyed and Focused on what you have called Us to Do. Lord Close all Demonic Negative Doors that Is Currently Open in Our Lives and Open up Doors of Peace and Prosperity unto Us. Lord We say this Morning have your way Oh Lord, Lord take Your Rightful Place in Our Lives and Make the Rest Of This Year A Year Of Peace and Complete Healing. Lord We Praise You and Magnify your Magnificent Name, We ask You father this Morning to forgive us of all our Sins and We say Thank You Father in Advance for Complete Healing of Every Wound Caused By Pain, Hurt, Rejection, Past Relationships, and Past Friendships in Jesus Mighty Name We Pray Amen and Amen.

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